Our road trip, in numbers

August 6, 2012 at 9:47 am (Parenthood) (, , )

Days gone: 10
Miles driven: ~850
Relatives and friends I visited with: 43
Times we sang “Happy Birthday” to one of them: 2

Times pulled over by police: 1
Speeding tickets: 0
Times I pulled over the car due to misbehavior: 0 (this is saying *a lot*, because I’ve had days I pulled over three times *on the way to school*)

Times I put up and took down a tent: 4
Times I put out and then stuffed/rolled a sleeping bag: 14
Different places stayed (aka times I hoofed everything in and out of the minivan): 5

Meals consumed: 29
Times we ate out: 3
Peanut butter/Nutella sandwiches consumed or made in the car: Countless
Pictures taken: 305
Pictures taken of kids eating [something cute, according to me]: 14



Times we located all the swimsuits: 7
Times we didn’t but got wet anyway: 2



Different set of twin fawns spotted: 4


Times I was thankful for the grins on everyone’s faces: Countless


Times I was glad we were doing this, despite a lack of grins at the current moment: Also countless
Years I hope to remember this trip: All the ones I’ve got left


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