Halloween Anecdotes

November 2, 2010 at 4:49 am (AJ, Family, GOJ, PJ, Running, WJ)

Halloween magically went off without a hitch this year.  No fights about eating too much candy, no costume disasters.  The worst thing that happened was Greta tripping while trick-or-treating, trying to keep up with her brothers and friends, who were running from house to house.  Hopefully the magic of Halloween will spill over into the magic of Thanksgiving and the magic of Christmas, rather than meaning we’ve used up our one good holiday of the year and Christmas will suck.

I almost thought I ruined it.  Meaning to fill them up on nutritious food prior to the candy, we prepared noodles, chicken, and sweet potato fries for dinner.  The noodles and chicken, at least, are one of the very few sure-fire eats for Greta and Auden.  Halloween night, though, Greta refused all of it.  Plain noodles, are you kidding me?  What’s objectionable about that?  I generally don’t believe in food ultimatums, but I made one.  “If you don’t eat a bite of sweet potato, you can’t eat any candy tonight.”   

It was time to leave, and she wasn’t going to budge.

I couldn’t figure out how in the hell I was going to stay true to my word and not have a tantruming 3-year-old on my hands.  Before I could think of an exit strategy, we were on our way.  Keeping her from eating candy while hurrying from house to house was easy.  Time passed quickly; two hours later we arrived at home.  I reminded her that she could have candy tomorrow after she’d had better nutrition.  And her reply?  OK Mom.  What?  Seriously?  Hallelujah!  She went easily to bed, with me in disbelief putting her down.

How cute is this girl?

The Friday before I brought the girls to the Halloween party at Auden and Parker’s school.  They didn’t even load them up with cookies and candy.
Lots of fun Happy Halloween!

That night, the high school cross country team held a Pumpkin Run.  Nothing like candy to motivate kids to run.  Parker was just sure he was going to win a trophy.  I was doubtful.  Thankfully he was happy with a ribbon and three pieces of candy.
Nothing like candy to entice kids to run

I have recently become aware that I have failed in teaching my children how to pose for photographs.

This morning, November 1st, Parker says to me, “Let’s light the jack-o-lanterns again tonight. Then, tomorrow, let’s put up the Christmas tree. I just love celebrating the Holidays!”

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24 Hours- I’m OK and you’re OK

October 10, 2009 at 2:38 pm (Running) (, , )

I will admit it. When I left work to stay home with the kids, I thought I could do it better. Better than my husband did, better than my mother, better than quite a few mamas I know (although I know a lot of great mamas- at least as good as them).  I had high aspirations.  My kids would be happier, because I’d consistently help them work through their difficulties, and they would in turn be so emotionally fulfilled by this guidance and my attention that all fighting would cease.  Our bottom line would improve, even though I wasn’t working, because I’d frugally shop for healthy foods and make meals from scratch.  And save even more by making other items to our exact style and size specifications- clothing, curtains, laundry soap.  Our home would be clean, organized, and inviting.  Hahahaha.

Here’s what I’ve realized.  And it’s not earth-shattering.  Everybody has the same amount of time each day.  Nobody has enough.  And no one can do it all.  Not that lady with the perfect smart well-adjusted kids and perfect style that suits just them.  Not the woman that is well-spoken and up on current events, so much so I don’t dare try to talk to her, as my world has recently gotten smaller, not bigger.

But everybody’s cutting corners somewhere.

Some people are better at hiding where than others.

I know a woman who cuts a giant corner off her own sleep.  Women who all but cut out cooking.  Others cut a social life, spending time with their kids, or having any kids at all.  *Some people don’t spend any time on the internet.*  Shock.

I’ve been taking joy in finding people’s corners.  I know, I know, it’s not healthy.  But some people just seem so perfect.  It’s those people I quietly jealousize, and then they say, “I haven’t taken any pictures of Susan since last Christmas.”  Or, “We never really go to the park.”  And I think, “Oh, she isn’t perfect.”  EVERYBODY has a corner.  They have to.

What any person spends their time on demonstrates their value system.  Whether they are intentional about it or not.  It’s easy to let time go to waste, watching tv.  Or my time waster- googling random inconsequential things.

I, it’s become obvious, take corners with the care of my house.  I really do want a house where a friend can stop by, and not have to trip over toys to come into the kitchen for a cup of coffee.  And I wouldn’t have to cringe if the friend heads to the bathroom, because she may step on cat litter and find mildew in the bowl.  But this house I do not have.

Right now it’s the corner I’m taking.  A giant big dirty disgusting corner.  That and plently other little ones.  It’s less important to me than my kids, or my sleep, or my food.  To me.  And that’s ok.  Your own corner, whatever it is, is ok too.

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