Daddy vs Mama

April 9, 2012 at 12:14 pm (Parenthood) ()

I’m not really back to blogging, this is just too long-winded for a Facebook post…
Sleepless one year old is crying in the wee hours. I go in and nurse her, comfort her, tell her it’s still time for sleeping. Leave, she cries. And continues crying.
I go back in, lay her down, cover her up, tell her it’s still sleepy time. Leave, she cries. And continues crying.
I send in the big guns.
Mark goes in, tells her to go to sleep. Leaves. She goes to sleep.
Is my authority already undermined? She already knows Daddy means business while Mama does not? Or does she just want Mama that much but gives up when she figures out she’s not going to get it?


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