Thanks 7

November 12, 2011 at 9:36 pm (Gratitude) ()

Today (in place of Thursday), I’m thankful for my son Auden.

Pretty much every morning since he’s been 3, Mark has asked him if he’d make the coffee. (Mostly) in jest. Today, Auden took him up on it. He got up from the couch, went to the kitchen, and returned to ask me “Where’s the blender?” Now this child been in the kitchen as coffee was made literally thousands of times. When have we ever used a blender?

Turns out he does know where he beans go. He fills the grinder with beans, but then slips and spills the rest of the pound he’d just opened onto the floor. I guess we should be thankful that “pounds” of coffee are really only 12 ounces anymore.

That was pretty much the end of Auden’s first coffee making experience. As I helped him vaccum beans from under the refrigerator and stove, I had to convince him there would be a second coffee-making experience. He was trying so hard to please us. That’s my Audie.

Auden “mining” in the backyard


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