You Know You’re A Mom of At Least Four Children

July 17, 2011 at 5:43 am (Uncategorized)

You Know You’re A Mom of At Least Four Children When:

  • You can’t believe how easy it is to run errands with “only” three kids.
  • You buy two packs of the two packs at Costco.
  • You consider going to get your teeth cleaned “me time”.
  • Having “only” one kid sick is no big deal.
  • Having all the kids sick takes a month to recover from.
  • You find yourself, every day, asking everyone to “Just stop all talking at once” more times than you can count.
  • You don’t even consider flying anywhere on vacation.  Road tripping is the way to go.  You can drive a long way on the price of six airfares.
  • You know packing for a short three-day trip will take a full twelve hour day.  And another full day to unpack.
  • Your last child actually wears out the baby clothes.
  • You keep a running tally during routine tasks like bathing, bedtime, or haircuts.  “Two down, two to go.”
  • You have to continually recalculate how many children you are in charge of.  “Okay, dropped off two at school.  Just have Greta and Willa to watch now.  Two, Two, Two.”  This math is getting harder and harder as my boys maintain a fuller social calendar.  “Okay, Auden’s at a friend’s.  Just have three until 3pm.  Then Parker has a friend coming over at 4pm; I’ll have five.  Then Mark is taking Greta on an errand.  Now I have four.  Wait, Auden is tagging along.  I only have two, no wait, with the friend that’s three.  Who am I again?”
  • There isn’t a recipe you don’t double.
  • There isn’t a day you don’t run a load of laundry.
  • You wonder what in the world you thought was so hard back when you just had one (or two in my case).
  • You’ve owned fourteen carseats.
  • You’ve owned seven strollers.
  • You’ve owned ten baby wearing devices.
  • Celebrating each and every kid’s each and every birthday gets to be a little much.  Every other birthday is enough celebrating for a kid.  That said, each kid is shown love each and every day.
  • You’ve had your kids generally succeed at enough things to know you’re an acceptable parent.
  • You’ve had your kids fail at enough things to not be smug at your parenting skills.

I asked Mark to fill in “You Know You’re a Father of At Least Four Children When…”  His reply:  “You graduate from fifths to half gallons.”  Wellll then…


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  1. Sara T said,

    Funny!! I like Mark’s reply. 🙂 I am sending this along to my cousin with four kids. They are all growing up and it does appear to get a little easier as the years pass.

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