It’s taken six years

June 14, 2011 at 4:41 am (Uncategorized)

I’ve noticed something lately.  I think I actually have started liking where I live.  After six years.

We bought in the Seattle suburbs because it was affordable, and close to my work, but within months I hated it.  It has a general lack of character.  I couldn’t walk anywhere.  They widened the two lane road at our back fence to a five lane with an ugly sound barrier (but not really) cement wall.

But lately, it’s been growing on me.

The good:

– On my commute all over town dropping off children each morning, I regularly see: sheep, a goat, a llama, a donkey, horses, a whole herd of cows, bald eagles, and a cougar (okay not a real cougar, it’s the high school mascot).  And one time a coyote.  Have I ever mentioned to you I love coyotes?  Me and James Avery.  For years the only video we ever watched with the kids was a free DVD about wolves and coyotes.

Cafe Ladro

– My commute to work may be a bitch, but coming home it’s less than a mile.

– A fairly good grocery store close enough that Greta ran the whole way last week.

Hopefully the space they’re developing downtown will be a destination worth visiting and as pedestrian-friendly as they aspire to be.

– I finally feel like I have a network of friends nearby.  And my children do also.

– One sister lives within ten minutes (if you’re speeding on the freeway as they did to get to us after my water broke for Greta.  At rush hour it’s probably 30 minutes).

– Our school program

– Fireworks are allowed.

– The King County Library System rocks.

– We live across the street from a secret apple tree nobody else ever picks and as many unsprayed blackberries as one family could ever pick.

When we bought, we didn’t even look at the schools, because we thought there was no way we’d still here when the boys turned five.  Now, we may just end up raising the whole fam here.

Are you happy where you live?



  1. Dawne said,

    Another great post. I also enjoyed many of those same things about the old “hood”. As far as your last question… I’m certainly working on it. Hope it doesn’t take 6 years 🙂

  2. Julia said,

    We are pretty happy in the burbs. Like you guys we bought our house not thinking about how kid friendly to would / would not be. We have great neighbors, a view, and plenty of space. I do wish our ‘hood was more walkable, and that our lot wasn’t so sloped. But for now, we’re happy!

  3. Sara T said,

    I don’t know how long we can cram into a two bedroom apt in downtown Ballard but I love where we live. We both now work at the hospital across the street making the commute very cheap (and short). We were able to score a ground floor apt with a patio so I can garden and dry clothes there and E can play outside. We can walk to four grocery stores, including a Town and Country market and Trader Joes (my two favorite chains). One quick bus to downtown, 5 minutes to the zoo, beach, future prechool. We do work for the landlord so rent is much cheaper than the going rate. Between utilities, gas and rent we save a bundle each month.
    The question remains, though, how long can a family live in an apartment? Billions of people do it all over the world but it isn’t typical here. Houses in the city are pretty much unaffordable, though. I think we can cram one more kid in for now but we will see about the future. For now I am happy trading living space for location.

  4. Jessica said,

    We bought our house as a flip and then got stuck here in the crash of 2008. I hated it. We ran out of money to remodel and I felt stuck, stuck, stuck…until Wally’s birth. Now that I’ve given birth in this home, I’m attached. And we’ve added a garden and chickens and Abby and our backyard neighbor are fence-friends. I still dream of moving someday, but I don’t feel stuck anymore. There are tons of projects to do, but this house now feels like home. I’m glad yours does, too!

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