Slowly but slowly

November 30, 2010 at 8:29 am (Uncategorized)

This year I’m being smart.  Sometimes (occasionally) I learn from previous mistakes.  I’m known for starting projects with no room to complete them. Art projects with zero table room, cookies with zero counter space, furniture rearrangements with toys still littering most of the carpet.  I end up with haphazard stacks, leading to breakage and stress and me needing to get more personal space by sending children somewhere else.  Cooking on Thanksgiving the lack of counter space snuck up on us and I was not relaxed in any way.  So I remembered that Christmas decorating was stressful for me last year because I was begged convinced to do it before I actually had prepared for it.  I couldn’t even find the tree ornaments in the abyss that is our garage.

So I’m working on decluttering and putting away extra knick-knacks before I bring out the Christmas stuff.  I figured I’d start at the front door and work in.  I’ve spent the last THREE hours cleaning our entryway.  The entryway that is simply one corner of our living room. 

Our entryway features a shoe basket, shoe hanger, shoe bench, two coat racks, three shelves, a box for each person’s various sundries that might be needed out in the world, and other various boxes of hats, socks, school papers, emergency birthday cards, emergency changes, and emergency 2nd/3rd/4th/5th pairs of underwear for the day. [I may be a little tired of potty-training that takes over a year.]  Believe it or not, our system works out pretty well.  I consider keeping our socks by the door instead of upstairs in drawers (one or two or thirty minutes away, depending on who is dispatched) one of my crowning parental achievements.

This is as good as it gets.


  • 17 hats that fit Willa. Most cute, but 17?
  • $450 of gift certificates I’d been wondering about
  • 12 tubes of lip balm
  • 4 passes to the zoo about to expire
  • 13 binkies. Who uses a binky in our house, you ask? Nobody. (Okay, I will admit Greta was weaned from them VERY recently.)
  • Untold numbers of special rocks, small LEGOs, pens, pencils, hair bands, and bobby pins
  • 1 puddle of pee of indeterminate small female origin (we’re all about the class, here at the JaRuud Household)

Oh, and I finally took down the Halloween decorations.  Such as they were.  My kids would love us to deck out the house for Halloween.  I used to say, back in my ideological college days, that Halloween decorations were what is wrong with the U.S., because people spend a fair amount of money on them, and they could be spending those dollars on improving the lives of all the people in the world who need more to eat.  My 34-year-old self agrees with my 21-year-old self, but I’ve softened to have about half a box of reusable decorations.  Nothing flashy.

At this rate, the tree will be up January 23rd.


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