Thanksgiving’s Ten Things Thankful

November 26, 2010 at 4:45 pm (Uncategorized)

Updated Friday: I could’ve sworn I hit publish on this yesterday but apparently not…

Today I am thankful for caring and kind people, all of my family and friends. A few specifics, in no particular order:

~ Auden, my go-to baby holder and chemistry expert

A bathrobe makes a lovely lab coat

~ Greta, big sister, little sister, baker, my (almost) constant companion

~ Willa, who’s actually been needing my attention lately, and I love her for it. Up to then, she’d been so easy-going that I worried I was neglecting her, taking care of all the others. She’s such a nice weight on my back, for a little while that is.


~ Mark, book reader, dishwasher loader, provider for our family, and funny to boot

Not the greatest pic

~ Parker, grocery-sled puller, turkey liver eater (I can’t honestly say I’ve ever tried it, but he asked to today), silly silly boy

my shopping cart

~ Being lucky enough that the first five/ten thankfuls are covered just with my immediate family

~ My brother-in-law Justin, who steps in my kitchen every time he’s over and helps me pull it all together

~ My uncle Gordon, who stayed with us last weekend and paid an amazing amount of attention to my boys

Good-bye Gordon

~ My mom, who spent all day in the Thanksgiving kitchen with me, and is so much more patient with my children than I am

~ My niece Mabel, music lover, dancer, fellow lover of carbs and berries. Though I have my own kids, aunties and their nieces get to have special bonds



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