November 17, 2010 at 7:08 am (Uncategorized) ()

I’m thankful this evening that I was able to meet two friends for dinner, knitting, cake, knitting, and most of all- chatting.

As I sat talking, I noticed several themes.  Four things, and only four things, I kept bringing up: 1) interesting tidbits from NPR, 2) interesting tidbits from blogs I read, 3) perhaps not-so-interesting references to Friday Night Lights, and 4) things we did at preschool. 

None of these have anything to do with me having actual face-to-face interactions with adults.  Because to talk about them, you’d have to have them.  And I don’t.  And none of these have anything to do with anything I’ve actually done lately.  Because what I do is drive children around, try not to yell at them, and cook dinner for people who call it yucky.

I can’t decide if it’s truly a problem I want to do anything about.  In all actuality I think I don’t really care.  But fair warning if you happen to run into me at a Holiday Gathering  near you- I’m likely to start sentences with “So I was listening to NPR and…”, and I’m likely to give you a blank stare if you mention Kate Middleton*, Natalee Holloway*, or any music produced after 2004.

I am a stay-at-home-mom cliché.  And at the moment it doesn’t bother me.  I’ll catch up in the 2020s.

*According to “When you can’t explain something. It’s how you end a sentence instead of trailing off.” = the thought processes my brain is currently capable of.

**Top searches according to Yahoo right now.


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  1. Vanessa said,

    Hey! I needed to take a break from knitting and read some blogs so I figured I’d see if you had posted anything recently. And I just wanted to say that I’ve noticed MY contributions to conversation are equally lacking lately! Either they’re about work, my CATS (UGH!), tidbits I’ve heard on NPR recently, or silly things T has said/done recently. I’ve honestly thought about getting one of those “Table Topics” thingies because at social gatherings lately I’ve felt like people are always talking AT each other, and not WITH each other. I really want to learn more about people and what they THINK, and not just what they’re DOING.

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