Four generations

November 15, 2010 at 7:21 am (Family) ()

Well, my NaBloPoMo streak lasted eleven days. We left town Friday, and I’d intended to pre-blog for the two nights we were away, but packing for a family of six… things like extra blogging and doing the dishes before leaving didn’t happen. Turns out that aging dirty spaghetti sauce pots for four days does NOT make them easier to clean, by the way.

The trip was worth the effort, though.  My Grandpa John and Grandma Adeline are special people who love children.  They’ve been anxious to meet each of my children as babies:
IMG_0597 Greta and Grandpa John

And now they’ve met Baby Apple:
Showing off her dimple 4 months old today!

One of Greta’s favorite phrases is “Silly me.”  One of my favorite phrases growing up was “Silly Grandpa.”  He’s known for goofy tricks like putting me in my lemon car on his lemon car.

This weekend it was fishing for a frog:
Fishing for a frog

My grandparents, well mainly my grandma, are some of the most organized people I know. They sent all of their children and grandchildren a catalog (yes, a whole catalog) with pictures (pictures!) of memorabilia, antiques, furniture, and various household items. We were to choose the things we might like, and then they’ve earmarked things for each person. Some of the items they still use, or want to keep displaying, but some of them they’ve been giving away slowly.

Doing it this way could be viewed as sad. The unsaid aspect, of course, is that my grandparents won’t be here forever. It is sad. But I take my cues from them. My grandma, especially, is so tickled (her word!) to watch how happy we are receiving these gifts, instead of it being a sad process that she doesn’t witness after she’s gone. Having dealt with the dividing up of items in a harder way on the other side of the family, I really really appreciate the way they’ve chosen to go about this. It speaks to their generous souls.

My boys asked for Grandpa John’s Army uniforms, from the late 1940’s.
Yes sir
Unfortunately I don’t think them saluting me here means I can expect “Yes ma’ams” for most of my chore requests.

Parker asked for a violin they had.
Parker received this violin from his great-grandparents

Greta got a vintage magnetic firetruck puzzle.
Fun to play with old toys at Grandma's house

All the kids were so sweet and obliging in their interactions with them. It’s not necessarily easy to carry on conversations with especially my grandpa anymore. Willa happily smiled at them, Greta amused them with her goofy antics, and Auden and Parker talked to them about their lives. Bittersweet seems a trite word to use, but it was. I’m so happy to make visits like this and establish relationships between my children and grandparents, and so sad to know it’s likely that at least Willa won’t remember them. My children have their own special grandparents, but it’s hard to see my special grandparents so much different from the active people they were in my own childhood.


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