A Fall Day

November 12, 2010 at 6:48 am (Parenthood)

A wonderful day all around, here at the JaRuud household.  It’s been a while since I had the four kids around while Mark worked.

It didn’t start out the greatest.  I had this idyllic morning planned in my head, with French Toast and planning out our day and maybe some cuddles and reading.  Then, I’d get going on packing for our trip to Oregon tomorrow.  Food and bedding and clothes for six people.  Mostly, my males can pack for themselves, but they need checking after.  Instead, we got off on the wrong foot.  There was fighting over LEGOs (Auden and Parker) and fighting over the state puzzle (Auden and Greta) and fighting about how fast breakfast was ready (me and all) and just whining and screaming all over the place.

So, a few PBS shows.

And then, raking leaves.  It sounds like a chore, but it’s not.  Raking leaves is some of my favorite outdoor work.  It’s hard to get tired of a task that comes once a year.  I so wish I had found the camera to snap of few of us.  Parker was the designated pile-picker-upper, I raked with Willa on my back, Officer Auden James issued me tickets for various conjured-up infractions, and Greta ran around all over the place.

That time spent with the kiddos paid for itself the rest of the day.  I so often realize the kids need a little time from me, but still persist in my agenda.  I was stressed, getting ready to leave with four children on a six-hour drive.  The choice to make a change to my plans was worth it.

I couldn’t really tell you how we spent the remainder of the day.  There was reading and a quiet time after lunch, directions to remain quietly playing in their rooms were (mostly) followed, there was a flurry of construction paper cutting resulting in bits all over the kitchen and a hallway with a new decor, there was a screening of How to Train Your Dragon, there was my first attempt at cooking Brussel sprouts.  Parker asked right as they were done, “Can I try one?”  God Bless that boy.

What didn’t get done?  Well, any packing.  So, my alarm will be set to 5am to accommodate prep for our 8am departure.  Because I just don’t do anything except maybe move laundry after the kiddos go to bed.  There’s a glass or two of red wine and Friday Night Lights calling my name.


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