Ten Things Thankful Tuesday

November 11, 2010 at 7:52 am (Gratitude, PJ, tens)

(except on Wednesday)

We shall see if I can keep up this NaBloPoMo thing, considering I’m starting this entry well into the 11 o’clock hour.

How can I not do a thankful post every Tuesday in November, the month of Thanksgiving?

Ten things I am grateful about, that make me happy today:

1. Sesame Street. And not because I enjoy the free time I have when my kids watch it.  None of them have ever been interested in it.  Watching it now, it seems a little chaotic to me, too.  Not to mention commercialized.  No, because I was recalling what a part of my childhood and learning experience it was.  I recall eating lunch and watching it, just before riding the bus, every day of kindergarten.  Sesame Street, still going strong on this 41st anniversary of its premiere.

2. Scientific curiosity- Auden requested we have “special time” to do an experiment with pennies and acid (vinegar and lemon juice) last night.  He wrote about it in his journal (aka scientific notebook).  Warms a chemist mama’s heart.  Never mind the experiment was a bust.

3. Geese.  Thank you, kind sirs and madams, for making my goose down comforter.  I sincerely appreciate it.

4. Sheep.  For the fibers here beside me that may make it into Christmas gifts.

5. My knitting group.  We meet once a month, since 2005.  Only two of us remain from the founding group.  The make-up of the group has changed, but it remains an interesting mix of women.  Conversation is always lively.  Tonight I only got to stay for an hour, though, because of…

6. Parker.  My brave funny boy.  Weathers an injury like none other.  Hit his head on the coffee table tonight, gashing his forehead pretty good.  Not a text you want to receive while away: “Parker hit his head.  Decent blood.  He’s acting funny and says he’s going to be sick.”  Thinking of concussions, I rushed home… 

7. The cop that did not give me a ticket, though I was speeding quite a bit.  Oopsie.

8. The ER staff.  Saw us straight away, and were great with my boy.  They asked him if he cried right away (they were trying to assess if he’d lost consciousness), and Parker responded, “I didn’t cry.  I think I whined a little.”  Tough stuff, that kid.  (Well, as far as injuries go.  Hurt his feelings, that’s another matter.)

9. The Discovery Channel.  You would not believe how jazzed Parker was to discover his ER room came equipped with a TV.  Or maybe you would, if you have a six-year-old boy.  Storm Chasers anyone?  Personally it made me yawn but he loved it.

10. Whoever the person is that invented glue for securing skin together instead of stitches.


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