We’re doing WHAT tonight?

November 6, 2010 at 5:16 am (MJ)

I mentioned to Mark yesterday that the place I met my mother for coffee was right by to Greta and Willa’s new naturopath.  His reply: “What new naturopath?” 

Um, the one I told him my midwife recommended and later asked him if we should switch to and later described to him in detail after we went, two times now.  Could you have resisted sanctimoniously pointing this out?  I could not. 

Now I wonder, has he heard any of the stories I’ve told him about our days lately?  He actually seems to blame me (ME!), saying “Just because my eyes are open doesn’t mean I’m awake.” 

I’ve determined this man requires the following if I expect him to attend an event:

  • Tell him as it’s scheduled, say a month out. 
  • Tell him the week before, “OK, remember we’re going to Soandso’s house for dinner Friday”.  
  • Remind him a few days before AGAIN. 
  • Text him a reminder the day of. 

Anything less, he’ll claim “You never told me you planned dinner at Soandso’s!”  The last two reminders are the only ones he pays any attention to I think.  The first two are just so I can feel like I’m keeping him in the loop.

The thing is, we have a half hour every day together, between the kids’ bedtimes and Mark’s bedtime.  He gets up for work at 5am, so I generally don’t talk to him in the morning.  One half hour to talk without interruptions or the background jibber jabber.  I’ll admit we don’t utilize it wisely.  Usually, we collapse on the couch.

Is there any hope for decent conversation before our fourth child turns ten?

Either way, I can wait if I have to.  I do like the guy, and he just made me the nicest margarita.


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