Newborn hats!

September 15, 2010 at 1:10 pm (Uncategorized)

In honor of not really being a newborn anymore. Two months old today!

Can you believe the CHEEKS on this girl?

Before Apple was born, we weren’t sure that she was a she.  Though she was born in July, the list I had for homebirth supplies had “hat”, and I was bound and determined to have hats available.  But, my search for a cute gender neutral hat quickly came up short.  There are literally NO unisex hats I’d want to spend my money on at the mall.  It’s kinda like how it feels when I try to find myself a pair of flattering pants.  But that’s a whole different problem.

I also couldn’t think of a knitted hat design that I wanted to do before I could do it up in gender specific cutsie-ness.  But then finally it occurred to me- I could sew hats.  And I could make them from shirts that no longer fit me.  Free!

I started out making a homemade pattern from a couple of hats I had.  But I didn’t love those hats, and surprise, I didn’t love the hats that came from using them as a starting point.  Googling for a pattern actually yielded little help, until I found a pattern on this website, for a very cool craftivism project that sent these newborn hats to Haiti.  I coincidentally already happened to read her blog.

As a veteran knitter but not a veteran sewer, I love discovering how fast one can turn something out, especially if one is not too particular.  I’m a perfectionist about some things; sewing is not one of them. 

So, in less than an hour, I turned this
orange shirt vm into this Could she BE any cuter? My favorite shirt, made into my favorite hat.  I always loved this shirt.  This particular picture is from the camping trip in 2003 that started Mark and I’s relationship.  I love the symbolism of creating a hat for Willa out of its material.

Followed by Green hat (another favorite shirt) and Go Huskies (for Daddy).

I love that by some easy sewing I was able to create Willa some hats that aren’t the typical commercial baby colors.  Who says babywear has to be boring?


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