What I love about fall Sundays

September 13, 2010 at 11:29 am (Uncategorized)

§ Pumpkin Waffles for breakfast.

§ Popcorn and apples on the couch, watching football.  Not microwave popcorn, real popcorn with butter and salt, in a big metal bowl.  The whole family jockeying for advantageous positioning to get the best-buttered big handfuls.  Clamoring to get the next crisp green apple eighth, as soon as Dad’s knife cuts out the seeded piece.  This I remember from my own growing up, and the re-creation of this childhood weekly event sparked this post.

§ Falling asleep on the couch in front of said football game.  There is nothing like the background noise of Seahawk fans cheering to put me to sleep.  This one is a rarity as a Mama, but it happens sometimes.  My love for football extends only as far as the familial feel it gives me, not to actual following of the games.

§ Not being so freakin’ hot anymore.  Some would say Seattle’s summer this year lacked heat, but it was still too much for me.  That Willa baby is a heater!  I really should move to Alaska.

§ Some sort of exercise in the cool fall-leafed woods.  Today’s involved watching Parker on his first mountain bike ride.  My parents, visiting for the weekend, were cringing as Parker started off, locking up his brakes down the trail’s steep beginning.  I was pretty sure he had it.  And he did.  And he ran his bike up that hill coming back.  That boy is growing up.  I’ll miss many things, but twenty years from now I don’t think I’ll miss the whining that is sometimes involved in getting back to the car.

§ The leisure to spend extra time cooking dinner.  Having dinner late because I thought I had all the time in the world to cook it up, but instead time got the better of me again.

§ Kids that nap and older kids that can take care of themselves and ensuing adult activities.

§ That great Sunday in October when there really are more than twenty-four hours in a day. 

§ Crafting on Christmas gifts and still maintaining the delusion I can finish all that crafting before December 25th.

Happy Autumn!  (Well almost.  I have a friend that tells me I’m a Season Pusher.)


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