a beachy ten things

August 28, 2010 at 6:39 pm (Family, GOJ, WJ) (, , )

Inspired by SouleMama, ten things that are bringing me great joy right now:

◊ this weather: partly sunny, highs in the upper sixties

Car Talk

◊ twenty-four hours alone with my girls

◊ observing the last minutes of Willa’s night sleep, as often as I can.  She stretches her tightly-closed fists as high as they will go.  Which, in a baby-proportioned body, is an inch or so above her head.  She wiggles her head side-to-side.  Finally one eyelid parts slightly.  “Oh, you’re here”, she seems to think.  “Hi Mama.”  Both eyes open slowly and she starts to coo.  Telling me her thoughts.

◊ an almost-three-year-old girl whose language is blossoming.  “Sorry” has finally entered her vocab!

◊ the independent spirit of that same three-year old.  This is where she spent most of our last beach trip, off by herself, enjoying the sand.
The old and the young at the water

◊ my brother-in-law Justin, an awesome uncle.  The only adult in our family willing to brave the Pacific Ocean above his shins…
It takes dedicated swimmers

…and throw a few boys around.
Uncle Justin is a great uncle

◊ the success of my latest I-need-some-help-around-here plan.  I (un)imaginatively call it Half Hour of Work.  Every day my six-year olds and I set a timer and choose jobs off a post-it list until it beeps.  Then we do something fun.  Before-hand I’ve gone around and determined what things need doing that are six-year-old appropriate.  It is A-MA-ZING how much we can get done.  Thursday, for instance, the entire downstairs was picked up and vacuumed, clean laundry was hauled upstairs for folding, a couple of weeks worth of socks were matched, and the dishwasher was un- and re-loaded.  More importantly than the actual work is the improved moods all around.  You’d think they’d grumble, and they do, a little (and in one instance a LOT).  But it has ended up improving everybody’s day immensely.  I feel supported, and more able to devote fun time to them afterwards.  Their moods have improved and even fighting has decreased.  I know they like the attention afterwards and that’s most of the change.  But I think deep down (perhaps waaay deep down) they like the feeling of having done a job that helps the family.  I had expected the physical result of a cleaner house but I seriously had no idea how much it would affect family relations.

◊ knitting again (I wonder for who?)
Apple blanket

◊ Shutterfly and the completion of a family memorabilia project I’ve been working (ok, postponing) for close to two years.  Haven’t seen the finished product yet but I have high hopes.


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