“Due” Date

July 9, 2010 at 10:30 pm (AJ, Family, GOJ, MJ, PJ, WJ) (, )

I’m not sure these types of posts read well, but I feel the urge to write and it can only help my waiting-and-waiting-for-a-baby mental state.

Pretty much all from yesterday, ten things that bring me great joy right now:

– Having a husband who listens- at least some of the time, and more so when I’m 40 weeks pregnant…

– My sister Laura, who’s been helping me with my children from Day 1.  She moved in with us for the summer when we had newborn twins.  Yesterday she, my kids, and I hiked down to Lake Washington.  She took a crying Parker back up the trail after we were halfway down for a Band-Aid.  Without her, the trip would’ve ended there.  I wasn’t physically going to make it back up and start again, and Parker wasn’t going to brush off his injuries.  [Reminder to self: Pack Band-Aids for all walks, no matter how short.  2/3 of my children needed them.]  Auntie Lala carried Greta in the water, which I couldn’t have managed with my pregnant sense of balance, the rocky ground, and the boat wakes.  And, she chased Greta down in the grocery store parking lot during our post-hike popsicle run.

– Auden and Parker, who made the steep climb up from the lake in the 90 degree heat without a hint of whine.

– Living in the Pacific Northwest.  The heat of the last couple days reminds me to be grateful we don’t live somewhere this hot all the time.  I’ll try not to complain about our ten days of heat for the year, despite the coinciding of this year’s with my due date.

– No PNW list of yesterday’s joys could be complete without (if you have one)- our window A/C.  Even if it seems a little tacky in the front window.

– Finally having the energy and gumption to make a decent meal.  The memory of last night’s chicken fajitas still makes me happy.

– Greta, who after all the day’s activities, went to sleep early SO easily in Parker’s bed.  She asks every day all day to sleep with one of her brothers.  Nevermind she’s fickle about which one and that they use it as a bargaining chip with her: “Greta, I’ll let you sleep with me if you give me that XYZ.”  There’s not anything more precious to a Mama than her children sleeping together.
37/365 Sleeping quarters in the cabin
Sailing in the San Juans, July 2008

– Having my cell phone battery die yesterday and recognizing how much better I felt.  Various well-meaning family members keep texting, emailing, and calling me every day to see how I’m doing.  Fine, thanks!  Mostly woman who already have babies; don’t they remember?  With my previous pregnancies I was careful to fudge my due date a little and tell all a later date than true 40 weeks.  This time I didn’t think I needed that since I’ve never been overdue.  And I’m still not!  But as I’ve gotten close, I’m getting the constant barrage this time.  Yes, yes, I’m hormonal, and I know they are just excited.  I’ve still decided to turn off my phone for peace of mind during part of every day.  (Which I know will just freak them out that I’m in labor.  Ha ha ha.)  There goes the phone now… seriously.

– My LightWedge, without which, I couldn’t survive the insomnia.

– Water- in the form of Lake Washington, wading pools, and clean ice cubes that no one has to think twice about consuming safely.


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