Things kids say 1.0

October 25, 2009 at 5:30 pm (PJ) ()

TKS (Things kids say) will be a regular feature on my blog.  I won’t be stating this again, but let me just say here at the first installment that I’m well aware my kids aren’t the only ones messing up their words and saying quirky things about dating and God, as evidenced by all the forwards I get.

Setting the scene: Parker and I “reading” an animal board book with Greta.  He loves animals, but books with only pictures and no words aren’t what he typically wants read as a 5 year old when baby sister isn’t present.  So I’m “spicing it up” by inserting whatever random animal facts I can think of.

Mama: Do you know what a mama sheep is called?

Parker: No.

Mama:  Ewe.

Parker (quizzically):  Parker?  [As in, “Pretty sure that’s a weird name for a mama sheep, Mama, but that’s what you just said, didn’t you?”]


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