Flowers of the Sun

October 22, 2009 at 7:41 am (Cooking) ()

Please note, this is not in any way a how to manual for anything to do with sunflowers.  What transpired here is a bastardization of actually advisable instructions readily available via your favorite search engine.

  1. Grow sunflowers.  (I had nothing to do with this, but the other 80% of our family did.  I’m told it’s quite easy.)our sunflower
  2. Let them get really tall.                                                                                    way taller than the boys
  3. Send a couple to school for the boys’ teacher.  Worry that she won’t like them and that they will be in trouble for bringing them on the bus.
  4. Chop down the flowers.  Let them dry a few days outside.
  5. Make a total mess of the deck removing all the seeds from the flowers.  They are remarkably fleshy.
  6. Pay boys $1 to clean up the deck.
  7. Soak half the seeds, still in the hulls, in salt water overnight.
  8. Roast at 200 degrees F, for about two hours.  Store in an airtight container, as they will not be eaten anytime soon.
  9. Soak the second batch overnight.
  10. Roast at 350 degrees F for twenty minutes, because two hours was just too long to justify the oven being on merely for sunflower purposes.
  11. Decide second batch isn’t done; is still damp.  Leave on the counter.
  12. Rotate the two 9×13 pans around the counters wherever space is available for a few days.  Maybe a week.  Throw randomly in the oven a few times it’s warm.  Forget they’re in the oven as it’s preheating to 425 degrees for something else.  At least once, maybe twice.
  13. Decide something must be done.  Use them or ditch them.
  14. Take all the seeds/hulls in batches, place in a Ziploc sandwich baggie, and crush with rolling pin.  It would be advisable to use a bigger Ziploc, but I had run out.  One child will help, briefly, before deciding “it’s too hard”.
  15. Put crushedness into a juice pitcher with water, and skim hulls off the top.  Into another pitcher.
  16. Determine pitcher isn’t big enough, and fetch the big mixing bowl from the garage.  Continue skimming hulls.  Fill both pitchers with hulls.
  17. Decide rolling pin crushing didn’t get out all the seeds.  Get out food processor, and run the hulls through in batches.
  18. Repeat skimming procedure with the twice-crushed hulls/seeds.  In another bowl, so as not to contaminate the only once-crushed hulls/seeds.  In case the twice-crushed don’t work.  Like any part of this is working.
  19. Obtain about one cup of crushed sunflower seeds.  Stick in the fridge.
  20. Clean the two pitchers, two mixing bowls, and the food processor.  Think about how all the water used in rinsing and skimming, repeat repeat, and then washing kitchen equipment, probably totally negates the benefits of extracting these seeds.
  21. Clog the disposal with the hulls stuck to everything, even though 90% go into the compost container.
  22. Unclog the disposal, hoping to complete task before husband comes home.  Know he will not be happy I thought I could send even a cup of sunflower seed hulls down it.
  23. Wonder what I’m going to do with my “bounty”.  Bread, muffins?  I’ll let you know.

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