A boy’s bunk = diary of a five old (if it was written by his mama, that is)

October 21, 2009 at 2:38 pm (AJ) ()

On Sunday I was invited to take a tour.  The proprietor offered me a free ticket, and said he’d put my name on “the list” for a private viewing, so I went.  On up to Auden’s bunk.

Here is my tour guide.

Top bunk tour guide 

Like any good tourist, I brought my camera.  Like any friend of a tourist, you may not find the recitation of the trip as exciting as I did.  But something about Auden’s bunk is so HIM; I just have to document it.

Do you remember back when you weren’t big enough to fill a whole twin bed?  And the rest of the space could be used as storage?  I have vague recollections I kept precious treasures in my bed, but not to this extent.  Until I took this tour, I knew he had a lot of stuff of up there, but I hadn’t appreciated its organization or just how much there was.

Auden shares a room with his twin.  His bunk is the only space that is his, and his alone.  When we got them bunk beds a few years ago, I decided not to allow for any top bunk/bottom bunk squabbling.  I assigned Auden to the top bunk, Parker to the lower, and set up the bed with their pillows and blankets while they were out.  [btw, highly recommend on the bunk beds spacewise and fortwise]

I knew Auden would have a greater need for his own space.  With Parker, wherever he is, that’s his space.  To Parker at least.  Simple.  A squirmy, cuddling extrovert, he makes friends at every park, and thinks the whole world is his oyster.  When you’re an introvert with a twin like this, you need the top bunk.

The first thing you will notice is Auden loves spiders,




and Star Wars.

 Sticker collection

 SW ships

Auden began by highlighting his “collection”.  While it appears to me everything in the bunk is a collection, the collection known simply as “my collection” is the shells. 

"My collection" 

You might be wondering about the motor oil box.

 Makeshift cupboard 

I’d been thinking about adding some type of shelf or cupboard.  After seeing the bed storage, you’ll see why.  One day a certain two year old sister had practiced her ladder skills one too many times for Auden’s taste, and this quickie box idea was born.  It utilized green knobs I replaced on a hand-me-down dresser.  They were a bit ugly on the dresser, but I think any knob works on a cardboard box, don’t you?  They’re attached with some scrounged washers and handmade cardboard spacers.  Try creating your own cardboard furniture sometime.  It’s really kind of fun.  Someday I may devise an actual shelf made of wood.

After shells, Auden steered my attention to a small shelf that came with the bed.  A short history of the bunk bed- My dad made the bed for my two younger sisters.  After traveling with the youngest to college, it made  its way to our house for two brothers.  I think the shelf was an add-on request for nighttime reading. 

Auden uses it for that, and more.  The left side contains “maps”, which is what Auden and Parker call any instruction book or brochure.  They’ve referred to their LEGO maps for years, and I haven’t had the heart to correct it.  It’s accurate in a way, isn’t it?  On the right, a collection of Spiderman tales.

Then with a Bionicle box neatly separating, we have a few matchbox cars and marbles,


and some shiny rocks.


Notice under the rocks, yet more storage.  He demonstrated a procedure to place his beloved Star Wars LEGO book under his shelf and pillow.  It involved his “computer”, and pressing the computer’s “button”, which is also visible in the rock picture- the bolt in the corner.

Finally, no child’s bed should be without stuffies.


For their first few years, the boys had no interest at all in stuffed animals.  I chalked it up to a boy thing, and continued to long for a girl.  Lo and behold, around 3 1/2 years, they both attached to bunnies we’d had in the house since they were infants.  Since then, Parker’s dropped the bunny, which is nice, because Auden has two.  A side benefit of twinship is that when you’re given two things, and only one twin likes them, he has a replacement for when his own breaks or gets lost.  Wood the cat and the Husky dog (Go Huskies!) occupy the top affection spot now.

And there you have it.  Being the mama of this five year old is a great place to be.


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