July 22, 2009 at 9:05 pm (Cooking) (, )

Besides more time with the kids, I’m excited to stay at home to MAKE- food, clothes, a more organized and happier home, a little love once in a while.  All the homemaking activities I thought about sometimes while working, but mostly left to MJ to handle.

The two biggest tangible drivers for making homemade foods and crafts are creating healthier foods and saving money. But greater than that, I think, is that it’s so rewarding to see what you’ve created, whether it’s something pretty on the wall, something you’re wearing, or something your kids eat.

One of my greatest frustrations the last few years on the job was not physically creating anything to be proud of at the end of the day.  Saying you answered 40 emails and gave advice to 3 people about the manufacturing process and edited an SOP, well, it wasn’t floating my boat.  It took me a while, but eventually I realized I need something pretty concrete to feel satisifed about my work.

At home for the second week, so far, so good on the creation front, but there’s a lot more on my list.


  • I finally finished sewing a spider bathrobe for Auden.  I’m new to sewing; I bought my first sewing machine for $99 last month.  I’m proud of this project on all kinds of levels.  It cost less than $20 in materials.  You can buy a boy’s bathrobe for this commercially I’m sure, but would it have insects and spiders on it?  Or your own boy’s most favoritest thing?  I bought the exact amount of fabric (1 yd) I needed, by guessing.  Truth be told, I went back and got a different solid fleece for the pockets because I was out of the spider fleece.  And, I managed to “design” it by looking at my own bathrobe without buying a pattern.  Last, and best of all, he LOVES it and wears it every day. You can see my issue here
  • We went blueberry picking last week, and then made blueberry jam.  SO easy to make freezer jam, by the way.
  • We’ve been making yogurt popsicles, and the kids seem to PREFER them over Otter Pops.  Yesterday we were out of the yogurt they usually eat (flavored yogurt in quarts, the kind of lots of sugar, but at least no HFCS).  We did have the plain yogurt.  I added our homemade jam to it, AJ stirred, and yuuum.  They ate it up, and we made more healti(er) popsicles without having to go to the store. I will add; I’ve tried to get them to eat plain yogurt with jam in it before, and they would have nothing to do with it. Either the homemade jam improved it, or I finally let them put in enough jam that it tasted like a commercial yogurt, or they just got used to the idea. But something to remember- just because a kid refused something once, doesn’t mean he always will, as is easy to think.
  • Yesterday I made hummus from dried beans. Not spectacular, but certainly good.
  • Revitalizing a sourdough starter that was dying a slow death in the fridge. GOJ and I used it to make pancakes, and it’s about to become bread. Making sourdough pancakes

Next on the list:

  • Attempting to culture our own yogurt
  • Mixing up our own liquid laundry detergent
  • Baking sourdough bread, which I’m about to do now!

(I really do have another kid, PJ just hasn’t happened to be doing any of the activities I’ve blogged about yet!)


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