Hippopotamuses- aggressive, known to bite humans, semi-aquatic

July 16, 2009 at 5:55 am (Daily Criteria, Parenthood) ()

In other words, just like us.

Today’s post was going to be a wrap-up of FINALLY finishing AJ’s spider bathrobe today. But I’m not happy with the pics I took earlier, so, it will have to wait. Leaving me with…

Today most definitely felt like a Hump Day.  (no, no pun intended.)  On Monday I was on a “I’m so lucky high”, yesterday we had the fun outing to keep the spirits up, but today… lots of cranky JaRuuds.

Our morning went like this:  GOJ needs attention.  I get out a puzzle to do with her.  AJ gets out a puzzle.  From PJ- “Why don’t I have a puzzle?”- whining ensues.  He picks out Hungry Hungry Hippos for me to get down for him.  AJ wants to play too.  Goes swimmingly for oh, about, two minutes.  Now GOJ wants to play too.  Mama is also enlisted.  General chaos as no rules are followed.  Not that I care.  PJ is not capturing marbles as he’d like.  We rotate the board- he MUST have a malfunctioning hippo.  THREE times.  AJ apparently has Skillz, because he wins with every hippo.  Who knew there was such a thing as being a Hungry Hippo savant?

Moving on- let’s do something NON-competitive I think.  GOJ has been begging to paint for days (translation: getting them out when the art cabinet is unlatched and screaming when I explain we can’t paint right now.  Lots of kids talk at 22 months, but GOJ is not one of them).  The transition in venue and activity doesn’t work.  It’s non-stop- “I need a new paper.  Why does HE have a new paper?”  Why does HE have that brush?”  “Why CAAAAN’T I paint my whole body?”  So, showers around.

That was my attempt at happy times.  Pretty much from then on, they played outside where MJ was painting the house.  Moods stayed similar, but I wasn’t dealing with them.

Now I know.  As Alexander’s Mama (of the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day) says, “Some days are like that.  Even in Australia.”  But the week is headed in a decidedly downhill direction.  Surely it’s not a long-term trend.  Right?  Today kind of broke my bubble because I had been thinking that showering them with my attention would help them feel LESS cranky.  It appears instead that they were happier minimally supervised.  I’m going to chalk it up to learning to go with the flow.


I never intended to keep this up, but I guess I will for as long as it suits me.

No check (let’s put that as a priority tomorrow), check (nice long run this morning for me!), check, check (attempts were made), check.


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