April WAS “Turn off your TV Month”

April 18, 2008 at 4:25 am (TV) ()

I thought I’d try out a TV free month.

First, I made up rules that I thought would be tolerable.  I was allowed to watch one 2 hr block on the weekends, plus a movie.  AND, I could be in the room with MJ or the kids while they were watching.  So, really, pretty silly.

But, I was enjoying the idea.  I felt like I had a ton more time in my day.  Immediately.  Like before I started, back in March.

The first couple days in April, I was still enjoying it.

Then one night, I wanted to be in the same room as Mark, so I sat in the family room with my back to the TV.  But really, how is that not watching TV?  I wasn’t staring at it though.  That’s one of the things I hate about TV.  I’ll stare at TV, even TV I care nada about (like Little Bear and Go, Diego, Go), instead of looking at my children’s faces or a book or anything else more worthy of my attention.

Now it’s the 17th, and I’m spending the evening watching TV.  Survivor, the original (or close to it) reality TV show.  And PJ is refusing to go to bed (scared of monsters- where do kids learn about monsters?…), so he’s watching it with me.  In the span of less than 3 weeks, I’ve gone from upstanding Mama who doesn’t watch TV to bad Mama who corrupts her child with bikini-clad trash-talkers.

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